About Us

Water security represents one of the major challenges to the sustainable development of human society. However, rapid population growth,  steadily improving living standards, climate change, and environmental pollutions place enormous pressures on already stressed water resource systems. In addition, large amounts of energy are consumed to produce clean water and to treat wastewaters prior to their return to the environment, which inevitably leads to a considerable amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Developing sustainable energy driven water production systems that enable a sustainable and cost-effective strategy for water production would benefit both developing and developed countries alike, and address one of the outstanding challenges of the 21st century: how to provide a safe and reliable source of water for a growing global population.

The principal goal of our group research is to deliver clean water with a minimum carbon footprint and energy cost via the design and application of advanced technologies.

Specific Research Interests: 

  1. PV-MD for decentralized fresh water production and eletricity

  2. Waste heat driven processes for clean water production

  3. Solar crystallization based brine treatment and desalination with zero liquid discharge

  4. Water vapor sorbent for atmospheric water harvest and energy-related applications

  5. Resource recovery from wastewaters, brine, and seawater

  6. Electrochemical processes for environmental applications

  7. Environmental nanotechnology

  8. Membrane separation

While working on these topics, the group is alway open to new challenges! 

We are alway welcome new members to join to us!