Prof. Peng Wang won the Alternative Water Resources Prize of PSIPW

2021-03-22 12:00:06 WangGroup 122


PSIPW is a leading, global scientific award focusing on cutting-edge innovation in water research. It gives recognition to scientists,researchers and inventors around the world for pioneering work thataddresses the problem of water scarcity in creative and effective ways.

Prof. Peng Wang's research is at the forefront of solar-evaporation water production technology. Itinvolves solar-energy driven fresh-water generation using environmentalnanotechnology, solar desalination, zero liquid discharge desalination,and atmospheric water harvesting. These works include a prototype andfully solar-driven, all-in-one “self-healing” solar distillation device; a solar evaporator to achieve zero-liquid-discharge desalination withhigh energy efficiency via solar distillation; a photovoltaics-membranedistillation device with unprecedented electricity generationperformance that shifts electricity production from the ‘water consumer’side to the ‘water producer’ side, and a new nano vapor sorbent thatsuccessfully provides continuous atmospheric water generation.


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