Nature Forum on decentralized water technologies for point of consumption

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Nature Forum on decentralized water technologies for point of consumption

30 November 2021- Virtual Event5:00am PST | 8:00am EST | 1:00pm GMT

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Close to 1 billion people living in regions of the world with no essential infrastructures have no access to clean water for drinking and sanitation. Part of the solution to this huge societal challenge is the development of tools that can be used for the realization of self-sustainable clean water production stations for point of consumption. The tools, once available, shall benefit both developing and developed countries/regions as a whole. In this forum we shall explore with experts the most recent progresses in the clean water production technologies suitable for small scale and decentralized applications, e.g. nanofiltration, solar evaporation and distillation, atmospheric water harvesting. We shall also discuss the innovation and policy challenges that need to be overcome for the successful implementations of such technologies.

170828_3220_A&Sfaculty021 - Amy Pickering.JPG
Amy Pickering
University of California, Berkeley
Andrea Schaefer.jpeg
Andrea Schaefer
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Evelyn Wang - Evelyn Wang.JPG
Evelyn Wang
IMG-5203 - Kala Fleming.JPG
Kala Flemming
Diaspora AI
Fabio Pulizzi.jpg
Fabio Pulizzi
Nature Nanotechnology
Peng Wang.jpeg
Peng Wang

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University/King Abdullah University of Science and Technology