Tri-layered structure published on Nature Communications!

2018-08-13 11:42:54 Wang group 5

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Hybrid nanostructures integrating electroactive materials with functional species, such as MOFs, COFs, complex, graphdiyne, carbon etc., are of great significance for both fundamental research and energy conversion/storage applications. Herein, hierarchical triple-layered nanotube arrays, which consist of hydrogen substituted graphdiyne (HsGDY) frameworks seamlessly sandwiched between an outer layer of Ni, Co co-doped MoS2 nanosheets and an inner layer of mixed NiCoS (Co9S8, Ni3S2), are directly fabricated on a conductive carbon paper. The elaborate triple-layeredstructure is demonstrated a decent hybrid electrode for energyconversion and storage, in which the organic HsGDY middle layer with a large π-conjugation systembetween the electroactive nanomaterials provides built-in electron and ionchannels and is crucial for performance enhancement. The tri-layered structureprovides a promising platform for advanced nanostructure-engineering of hierarchical multilayerednanostructures towards a wide range of electrochemical applications. 

This work was highlighted by KAUST Discovery.