Peng Wang



Professor Wang obtained his Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2008. 


  1. 1. Ph.D.  University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), Environmental Science and Management

  2. 2. M.A.   University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), Environmental Science and Management

  3. 3. M.S.   Sun Yat-Sen University, China, Environmental Science

  4. 4. B.S.    Nanjing University, China, Environmental Science

Professional Profile

  1. 1. Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, (08/2019 - present)

  2. 2. Full Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technologm, (07/2019 - present)

  3. 3. Associate Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (07/2014 - 06/2019)

  4. 4. Assistant Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (09/2009 - 06/2014) 

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  1. 1. Member, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)

  2. 2. Member, American Chemistry Society (ACS)

  3. 3. Member, International Water Association (IWA)

  4. 4. Member, Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO)

  5. 5. Member, American Water Resource Association (AWRA)

  6. 6. Member, Material Research Society (MRS)


  1. Associate Editor, Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T), February 2020 - 

  2. Guest Editor, Desalination, special issue 'Desalination & Renewable Energy', 2020

  3. Speaker and panelist of Water Future Energy Summit, January 2020, Adu Dhabi, UAE

  4. Guest Editor, Environmental Science: Nano, special issue 'Nano-enabled Water Technologies', 2019-2020

  5. Speaker, Gordon Research Conference (GRC) of Environmental Nanotechnology, Newry, ME, USA, June 2019

  6. Conference Chair, KAUST Conference on Nano-enabled Water Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges, January 2019

  7. Inaugural Emerging Investigator by Environmental Science: Nano, 2018 

  8. Guest Editor of MRS Advances, 2018

  9. Discussion Leader, Gordon Research Conference (GRC) of Solar Energy Conversion, Hong Kong, 2018

  10. Profile Highlight: A voyage of discovery, Source Magazine, International Water Association (IWA) Publishing, August 2017. Note: one full page article

  11. Advisory Board Members to Advnaced Sustainable Systems, 2017

  12. Five-Year Service Award, 05/2015, KAUST

  13. Community Recycling Champion, 07/2014, KAUST

  14. Fellowship from University of California Toxic Substances Research and Training Program (TSR&TP) for Nanotoxicology, 2006-2007. 

  15. Keller Water Quality Award, Bren School, UCSB, 2003-2004. 

  16. “The Most Hardworking and Dedicated” Award – Voted by Class of 2004, Master of Environmental Science and Management, Bren School, UCSB, 2002-2004


  17. Jeff Dozier Fellowship, Bren School, UCSB, 2002-2004

University Services

  1. 1. Chair of Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE) program, KAUST (01/2013-02/2017)

  2. 2. University Curriculum Committee, KAUST (04/2014-04/2017)

  3. 3. Oversight Committee of KAUST-UCAS (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences) Dual Degree Program, KAUST (09/2013-present)

  4. 4. University Standing Intellectual Property (IP) Committee, KAUST (07/2013-present)

  5. 5. Student Admission Review Committee for Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE) program (2010-present), KAUST

  6. 6. Member of KAUST faculty-initiated microfluidics research cluster (LFO64) (2011-2016)

  7. 7. Educational Theme Leader of Center Competitive Fund (CCF) (7/2014-06/2017), WDRC, KAUST

  8. 8. Materials and Membranes Theme Leader of Center Competitive Fund (CCF) (7/2015-present), WDRC, KAUST

Professional Servicess  

  1. Conference Chair, KAUST Conference on Nano-enabled Water Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges, January 2019

  2. Symposium organzier for MRS Spring Meeting, April 2018, Phoenix, USA

  3. Book Editor: Rational Design of Next-Generation Nano-materials and Nano-devices for Advanced Water Applications, from International   Water Association (IWA) Publishing, 2016

  4. Book Editor: Smart Materials for Advanced Environmental Applications, from Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Publishing, 2016

  5. Guest Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Saudi Chemical Society for the special issue on "Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications", 2014

  6.  Advisory board member of Arab Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2014-present

  7.  Recurring reviewer for the following journals: Nature Nanotechnology, Natur Reviews Materials, Nature SustainabilityJoule, Nature Communications, Science Advances, JACS, Nano Letters, Energy & Environ. Sci., Environ. Sci. & Tech., Environmental Science: Nano, ACS Central Science, ACS NanoAdvanced Science, Adv. Mater., Adv. Fun. Mater., Angew Chemie, Chemcial Science, Adv. Energy Mater., Adv. Optical Mater.SmallJPCL, ACS Energy Letters, Nanoscale, Chem. Mater.Nano Energy, J. Mater. Chem.J. Mater. Chem. AJ. Mater. Chem. B, Water Research, Chem. Comm., Environmental Pollution, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Separation and Purification, Environmental Science: Processes & ImpactsInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, J. Electrochem. Soc.European Journal of Inorganic ChemistryChemSusChemChemPlusChemJ. Colloidal and Interfacial Sci., Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Engineering JournalJournal of Saudi Chemical SocietyACS Omega....

  8. Reviewer for ACS Petroleum Research Fund (ACS PRF);

  9. Reviewer for Austrian Science Fund START Program;

  10. Reviewer for FLAG-EAR, European Union

  11. External examiner of PhD dissertation of University of Queensland, Australia

  12. External examiner of PhD dissertation of City University of Hong Kong 

  13. External examiner of PhD dissertation of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  14. Panel member (Phase 1), Research Evaluation 2020, Czeck Academy of Science

  15. The organizing committee  of 11th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies (LET2014), May 2014, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates