TV Interview:

  1.  Interview: BBC World News (Outside Source with Ros Atkins), July 9, 2019

Radio Interviews:

  1. 1. German Public Radio (WDR) (link),June 16, 2020  (Note: Professor Wang's interview starts at around 7'15)

  2. 2. RTHK Radio 3 (123 show) (link), Jan 7, 2020

  3. 3. Podcast (Science Town): Energy and drinking water in one device (link), Sep 9, 2019, 

  4. 4. BBC Radio (Science in Action with Roland Piece) (link),  July 12, 2019 (Note: Professor Wang's interview starts at 1:30 and lasts for 7 min)

Recent international new media coverages:

  1. 1. Gulf News (Op-ed) by Peng Wang: ‘How can the world move into a decarbonised economy?” (link)

  2. 2. C&EN: ‘MXene membranes could be an affordable way to harvest energy from saltwater’ (link)

  3. 3. BBC News: ‘Climate change: Water and green energy produced by a single device’ (link)

  4.  4. The Guardian: ‘Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions’ (link)

  5. 5. Arab News: ‘Saudi invention holds immense promise for a water-scarce world’ (link)

  6.  6. Forbes: ‘Solar Panel Innovation Simultaneously Generates Electricity and Purifies Water’ (link)

  7. 7. UK Express: ‘Water breakthrough: Device uses solar power to produce clean water - and electricity’ (link)

  8. 8. Cosmos magazine: ‘Electricity and water can be a good combination’ (link)

  9. 9. PV Magazine: ‘Clean water and electricity from one system’ (link)

  10.  10. UPI: ‘New solar panel produces electricity and clean water’(link)

  11. 11. Climate News Network: ‘Science can double the solar dividend’ (link)

  12. 12. ScienceNews: ‘This solar-powered device produces energy and cleans water at the same time’ (link)

  13. 13. Eurekalert: ‘Solar power with a free side of drinking water’(link)

  14. 14. Tech New Vision: 'Weather Change: Water and green energy produced by a single device' (Link)

  15. 15. Fast Company: 'These solar panels don’t just generate power—they produce drinking water' (Link)

  16. 16. Enery World: 'Sunlight to generate electricity and purify water simultaneously' (Link)

  17. 17. AZO CLEANTECH: 'New Device for Concurrent Production of Water and Electricity' (Link)

  18. 18. SAUR ENERGY: 'Using Sunlight to Cogenerate Electricity and Clean Water' (Link)

Chinese Media

  1. 1. CCTV央视网:”边净水边发电的太阳能装置问”(Link

  2. 2. 新浪新闻:“同时产生清洁能源和清洁水源边净水边发电的太阳能装置问世” (Link

  3. 3. 搜狐新闻:“既能发电又能产生净水,多功能太阳能设备登场”(Link